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TBS/JNN Fukushima Live web camera

As from 04.10.2013 TBS canceled their youtube live stream and switched to Since then the link for the stream does not change anymore. If the stream is not available, it is because of maintenance or other issues on the side of TBS and there is nothing i can do about it. Such problems are usually fixed within a couple of hours.
You can always check if the link is up to date by visiting the official TBS/JNN Ustream channel -

Working towards new //

I have finally found some time and started working on a concept for a new website. Since i can no longer afford to spend up to 10 hours daily to search for and post relevant articles, i embarked on a quest to try to automate the news gathering procedures and hence offer readers up-to-date information on a daily basis, without the need to spend ridiculous amounts of time reading MSM junk. That would also free up my time and enable me to contribute with my own articles on the subject.

I'm currently testing the available options and technologies at one of my other domains: , a domain i owned for awhile now, but never used it. By now i managed to successfully get the required information as well as automate the news gathering procedures, but i still got a lot of work with finetuning the website to offer relevant per topic information only, without inserting irelevant content and/or propaganda.

Altough the is meant as my sandbox to play with technologies i believe it has a potential to complement the content of //, especially on the long run, so do check it out. Understanding the world of superfast evolutionary process of deadly viruses and bacteria, their adaptability, survivability and travel habits will sooner or later become of vital importance in the post Fukushima world.

As always i'm available for comments, suggestions and other correspondence at is a comprehensive archive of news and information pertaining to first 11 months after the nuclear accident in Fukushima, Japan. Altough many links to original sources are now broken it still offers a deep insight into the chronology of the events and is therefore a usefull source for any researcher or individual interested in the subject.

In 11 months i have spent collecting information about the nuclear industry i have came to conclusion that nuclear power, either military or civilian presents the gravest danger to mankind and that nuclear weapons as well as nuclear power plants should be abolished from the face of the earth.

I sincerly hope that anyone that will take the time and analyze the information presented, will come to the same conclusion after realizing the genocidal nature of the nuclear industry and corruption that surrounds it.